Echomaster mm-4320

Product Review: MM-4320 Echomaster & MM-4320DVR

The Echomaster MM-4320 Rear View Mirror has a built-in monitor to help drivers maximize the safety features in their vehicles. These aftermarket rearview mirrors enable playback from backup cameras in cars that don’t already have screens in the dash.

Even if a vehicle does already have a screen in the dash, these mirrors from Echomaster can help make backing up more convenient by displaying video playback right on nice 4.3” screen of the mirror. This allows drivers to see the footage from their backup camera and their rearview mirror at the same time.

Echomaster MM-4320 Rear View Mirror

If you’ve ever considered getting a mirror like this, the Echomaster MM-4320 is an excellent place to start your search. It’s among the best of its kind thanks to a thoughtful design, high-quality components, and exceptional engineering.

It’s a universal mirror, which means it’s intended to work with just about any vehicle and look great once it’s installed. There’s a screen built directly into the left side of this rearview mirror, and you can use that screen to see feedback from any camera on your vehicle.

Most drivers primarily like to use it with their rear camera so they can see what’s behind them when reversing, but others have connected it to cameras that face forward or to the side. Dual video sensing inputs allow you to integrate more than one camera into your driver safety system.

That means you can add a camera to give you increased visibility of your blind spot, or even connect it with your front-facing dashboard camera. While you may not need to watch forward-facing footage very much since you can see through your windshield, some drivers wish to connect their dashcam to the recording capabilities of the Echomaster MM-4320DVR.

One of our favorite things about the Echomaster MM-4320DVR rearview mirror is that it also comes with DVR technology. The ability to record will come in handy in the unfortunate event of an accident or some other type of incident.

Whenever you have to deal with law enforcement, the courts, or your insurance company, it can be incredibly helpful to support your side of the story with video evidence.

Benefits of Adding an Aftermarket Rear View Mirror

Many accidents happen because drivers can’t see an obstacle in their way. This is especially common while backing up since many vehicles make it hard for drivers to see what’s immediately behind the back bumper.

Adding a backup camera can help with that, especially when it’s connected to the Echomaster MM-4320. Our team at Audio Express/Quality Auto Sound believes that a rearview mirror like this can be one of the best investments when it comes to increasing the safety of your vehicle.

One benefit of having video playback right in your mirror is that you don’t have to get used to looking at something else when your vehicle is in reverse. You’re already used to checking your mirror, and this aftermarket rearview mirror provides you more information than what you can get from a traditional one. This way, you’re not looking down at your dash or at some other screen.

Buy the Echomaster MM-4320 at Audio Express

Here at Audio Express/Quality Auto Sound, our team has a lot of experience installing the Echomaster MM-4320. We’re also experts when it comes to installing the backup cameras and other cameras people use with this aftermarket mirror. We’ll make sure all of your cameras are placed correctly and professionally installed so you can get the best video feedback on the road.

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