Product Review: Viper 3121V

Unfortunately, some types of vehicles are more complicated than others to secure. Boats, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and similar vehicles are especially at risk of theft because they’re more accessible to thieves.

Luckily, the Viper Powersports Security System was designed specifically for vehicles like this and took all of their unique qualities into consideration. We’re blown away by all the features and capabilities of this particular alarm system.

If you’ve purchased any type of motorized toy, this could be the perfect solution to protect your investment.

Security Systems for Motorcycles, Boats, and ATVs

Viper is a leader in car security systems, and now they’re taking their talents to boats, motorcycles, ATVs and more! It’s designed to offer protection and peace of mind for people who own open-air vehicles where thieves might not even have to break a window to gain access.

A skilled alarm system installation professional can even integrate it with a hidden ignition disable, so your vehicle will only start if you push a hidden button.

It can also be set so you have to turn a headlight or blinker on to make the vehicle start, allowing you to have your state of the art alarm system hidden in plain sight.

Prevent Vehicles from Being Towed by Thieves

One of the best features of the Viper 3121V Powersports Security System is that it includes a shock and tilt sensor. This is perfect for small vehicles since they would otherwise be too easy to tow away to a remote location.

If thieves try to jack your vehicle up or move it without starting it, the shock and tilt sensor will activate the alarm.

The would-be thieves won’t be able to deny what they’re doing when someone sees them towing a vehicle with the lights flashing and a siren sounding.

Waterproof Alarm Systems for Boats and Personal Watercrafts

Since the Viper Powersports Security System was partly designed with boats in mind, it’s been engineered to work well on the water. The main module is waterproof, and this system has an IP66 rating. In other words, it’s water-tight and will continue to function even if it’s exposed to splashes.

The siren is water-resistant, too, and even the remote will continue to work if you go into the drink with it in your pocket, making it a great option for both boats and Jet Ski’s, or vehicles like UTV’s or Polaris RZR’s if they get muddy and hosed out.

Protect Motorcycle Helmets and Other Valuables

This system isn’t just great at protecting your vehicle– it will also keep all your accessories on lockdown. Run a trigger wire through your helmets, saddlebags, and any other valuables that stay with your vehicle.

If someone breaks the closed-loop circuit by trying to remove one of your items, the alarm will sound.

Add-on Accessory: VPS450 GPS Security Device

This utility vehicle alarm system can be made even better with the addition of Viper’s VPS450 GPS tracker. Add one of these small, water-resistant locators to your fun machine to add yet another layer of security.

On the off chance that thieves are clever enough to disarm your Powersports Security System, you’ll be able to track the vehicle down in a hurry.

You can even set your GPS locator to give you an alert if your vehicle goes outside of a predetermined geographical area or goes above a certain speed. From there, you can override the starter and recover the vehicle.

Powersport Alarm System Installation Near Me

Audio Express/ Quality Auto Sound is committed to helping you secure all of your vehicles with the best alarm systems available.

Our skilled technicians will provide a fast, professional installation at the lowest possible price. Find a location near you, and visit us today.

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