Product Review: Viper 5806V LED Two-Way Car Alarm

When it comes to aftermarket car alarms, Viper is one of the best in the business.

The brand only continues to get better as time goes on, and their excellence has reached new heights with the Viper 5806V.

This LED two-way security and remote start system offer an appealing combination of convenience and protection. Engage a wide variety of different functions from your sleek LED remote that confirms each of your commands.

Rechargeable Remotes

Viper has always made great remotes to go with their car security and remote start systems. The main remote offers five buttons in addition to LED lights that can give you updates about the status of your vehicle.

With a range that extends up to a full mile, you can send commands and receive feedback from your car from anywhere in the area.

There was only one problem, though– people often said that the batteries died too quickly. Viper has heard that feedback, and these remotes can now charge instead of replacing a battery every six months.

Remote Start for Any Vehicle

Some other remote starts won’t function with manual transmissions, but that isn’t a problem for Viper. You can use the 5806V remote start system for manual transmissions.

Even older vehicles can be upgraded to enable remote start from up to one mile away, and the remote will confirm your command with its LED lights.

Manual transmission does require a certain sequence to remote start to avoid any accidental starting and to make sure the vehicle will not start if left in gear.

Check the Temperature With LED Feedback

One of the best things about installing a remote start system in your car is that you can get the temperature just right before you even get in. That means no more discomfort from entering a car that’s too hot or too cold.

Thanks to the Viper 5806V two-way remote start system, you can actively check the internal temperature of your vehicle. Use hidden LEDs on the remote to confirm that your vehicle will be comfortable when you get to it.

Control Multiple Vehicles

For people who regularly drive multiple cars, the Viper 5806V offers multi-car operation. Use SuperCode encryption to connect the same remote to two separate vehicles.

If you don’t want to carry a remote at all, you can use the option SmartStart app with your Viper remote start system, as long as you have the VSM550 installed as well.

With the VSM550, there’s no need to add anything to your keychain– just send commands to your vehicle from anywhere you have cell phone coverage.

Shock and Tilt Sensor

Shock and tilt sensors are one of the best innovations in the car security industry. Previously, thieves would be able to tow a car away to a remote location before breaking in, or jack up the car to steal tires.

Shock sensors are able to detect when the vehicle has been disturbed, which will trigger the alarm system.

For minor disturbances, the alarm will simply send out a warning chirp so people know to stay away from the vehicle. In the case of impacts or other serious disruptions, the entire alarm system will go off to attract attention.

The optional 507M digital tilt sensor will trigger the alarm if someone jacks up the vehicle or attempts to tow it away.

Car Alarm Installation at Audio Express/Quality Audio Sound

Our car alarm experts at Audio Express/Quality Auto Sound will walk you through all your options to help you determine if the Viper 5806V security and remote start system are right for your vehicle.

You can count on us to provide premium products with professional installations at the lowest possible prices.

Find a location near you, then come see us take your vehicle to the next level of comfort and convenience.

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