Product Review: Viper 5906V Color Two-Way Security and Remote Start System

If you’re looking for the best remote start and car security system on the market, you may have just found it here. The 5906V Remote Start Security System is one of Viper’s most advanced offerings to date. This particular system has all the features you want, and then some.

The expert design team at Viper left nothing out when they created this top of the line option. You’ll be thankful for their efforts once you see how much security and convenience the 5906V can add to your vehicle.

State of the Art Car Alarm and Remote Start Control

Simply put, Viper makes some of the best aftermarket car alarm and remote start options, and their remotes work like a charm. This particular remote brings feedback to the next level with a brand new user interface, a color screen that’s 20% larger, and anti-glare technology for easy viewing.

Navigate the remote with Viper’s patented menu wheel, and control several functions of your vehicle from up to one mile away. When the battery starts to get low in your remote, simply recharge it with a convenient USB connection.

Two-Way Communication

The first generation of key fobs allowed you to control your vehicle from a distance– this new technology lets your vehicle talk back. The info center on your remote will inform you about what’s going on with your vehicle.

The parking meter countdown will warn you when you have 15 minutes and then 5 minutes left to add more time.

You can also see when the engine will shut off if you start your vehicle remotely, but don’t get to it before the run time expires. Adjust your timers, and even see the internal temperature of your vehicle right from the remote.

Thanks to all this feedback on the remote, you’ll never have to wonder whether or not your most recent command actually worked. You’ll know when your vehicle has started, if the alarm has been triggered, or if you remembered to lock the doors.

Operate the Same Remote for Two Vehicles

Once you see how great the Viper 5906V car alarm and remote start system is, you’ll want to use it on every vehicle you own. Thanks to smart programming options, now you can use the same remote for two vehicles.

Upon installation, your local car alarm experts can help you get your remote paired to two vehicles.

When you change the remote to connect with the second paired vehicle, the remote will check for availability then update all of the information on its display accordingly.

Key Lock Option

There are a ton of great things about having so much control right in your pocket. There’s also one bad thing– you may accidentally start sending commands to your vehicle by sitting on your remote or bending over.

In classic Viper fashion, they thought of everything when they created the 5906V.

You can use the key lock feature on your remote to ensure that you don’t accidentally start your vehicle next time you jostle your key ring, by disabling the keys when you desire, then re-enable them when you are ready.

Security and Remote Start System Installation

When you’re ready to add the best car alarm and remote system to your vehicle, visit us at Audio Express/ QualityAuto Sound. Our team of experts will help you explore features to confirm that the Viper 5906V is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

From there, we’ll hook you up with a professional installation at the lowest price available. Don’t wait any longer to see what this system has to offer– find a location near you and see us today!

Image Credit: Shutterstock/Attapon Thana

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