Product Review: Viper DS4+

If you think of your vehicle as your baby, the Viper DS4+ remote start system and car alarm were built with you in mind. It offers smart Bluetooth technology and a free Directed SmartStart mobile app with the Bluetooth range, which is available for both iPhones and Android devices.

Convenience, comfort, and security are all at your fingertips with this state of the art system. It offers an impressive selection of great remote start features out of the box, and it’s easy to customize a full security system with additional features.

Remote Start Systems

The Viper DS4+ Remote Start system is incredibly flexible. Add new features into the OEM factory key fob remote, or use your smartphone to gain superior control of your vehicle.

Locking and unlocking your doors from a distance is so 1990s– this is the system that will welcome you into the future! Take advantage of on-board Bluetooth, wireless control, and a temperature sensor to get your climate control at a comfortable level before you get into the vehicle.

Custom Car Alarm Components

It’s nice to know you won’t have to get into a hot or cold car anymore, and that’s barely the tip of the Viper DS4+ iceberg.

If this system was limited to comfort and convenience, they could have just named it “DS4,” but the “+” says it all. Simply put, this built to order a la carte system gives you plenty of options for add-ons.

Integrate with just about any features you could want, from shock and tilt sensors to GPS tracking. The DS4 can extend its range with an additional antenna and remote kit, or become a full-fledged alarm with the security upgrade.

DS4WS Wireless Siren Security Add-on

The Directed DS4 wireless siren is designed to work with the DS4+ system, and will better protect any vehicle. The siren is small enough to fit into even tight spaces under the hood, and it operates with wireless technology.

It’s perfect for vehicles where there’s little room to spare, or where it would be too difficult to pull wires through a firewall.


T-harness adaptors are another great option for cars with complicated wiring schemes. These reduce the need to cut wires when installing aftermarket remote start technology.

Depending on your specific vehicle, your car alarm installation expert will be able to determine if this is the least invasive wiring option and if a T-Harness is available for your specific vehicle.

DS4SU Standard Security Upgrade

Viper must have been feeling humble when they named this product because it adds premium security features that go far beyond “standard.” A shock and tilt sensor will trigger the car alarm if thieves try to move your vehicle in any way.

They won’t be able to tow it away unnoticed, and the six-tone mini siren can also alert you (and the rest of the neighborhood) if someone tries to break-in, or even jack your car up to steal the tires.

Antenna Range Extender Kits

Give your system even more range by adding components like the Viper D9756V long-distance remote and antenna package.

Alternatively, the D9116V kit comes with an antenna cable to increase range and a one-button remote. These are just two of quite a few remote options and styles to upgrade your range.

Custom Car Alarm Installation Near Me

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We always go above and beyond for our customers, especially when it comes to adding the security features that keep your vehicle safe.

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Image Credit: Shutterstock/Andrey Suslov

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