Installing a Remote Starter like a Pro – By Leaving it to the Pros!

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Installing a remote car starter is an achievable task… for those with professional experience with car electronics and maintenance. It takes in-depth knowledge of the wiring system particular to your vehicle and it’s crucial to ensure everything is properly connected.

Many DIY sites claim things like “How to Install a Remote Start with Simple Steps,” but just reference the wiring diagram and expect you to follow that. In truth, the instructions that come with the system for how to install a remote starter can be very complicated.

Then you’re left to determine the necessary tools for remote start installation. Starting to see where this can easily go wrong, very quickly? When installing DIY-style, an extra piece or bad wiring can cost you later in repairs and is just not worth the headache.

Let’s take a look at some of the essential steps of the installation and how complicated they can be.

Basic Steps of Remote Start Installation:

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  • Remove the lower dash under the steering wheel
  • The remote starter needs to be connected to multiple wires
  • Test each wire relevant to the installation
  • Attach the ground wire to the chassis of the vehicle
  • Attach it to the starter to start the circuit
  • Connect the ignition output from the remote starter to the car’s ignition wire under the steering wheel
  • Locate the starter wire and test it with a multimeter
  • Connect other components as applicable to the specific remote starter
  • Connect the tachometer wire to the sensor
  • Wrap up by connecting keyless entry, anti-theft and other optional components
  • Reconnect the car battery and test the system to make sure all components work

The Safest Installation Practice – Let the Professional Installers Handle It!

install a remote starter like a pro

As you’ve surely gathered from reading through the steps above, just the wiring alone can go wrong in multiple ways. So why go through all that hassle by yourself and, possibly, still not get it right?

Audio Express has trained professionals with vast experience in remote start installation. After countless remote starters installed, our service is unparalleled, and we get the job done right the first time and every time. Please contact us for more information.

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