What is a remote starter for a car?

What is a remote starter for a car?

A remote starter for a car is a system that allows a vehicle’s engine to be started without the driver having to be in the vehicle.

Using a remote car starter, a driver is able to start the engine and let the vehicle run for a pre-set period of time before entering the vehicle. This is especially convenient in very hot or very cold temperatures, since the vehicle can be pre-warmed or pre-cooled before anyone gets in.

At its simplest, a remote car starter includes a small keychain controller, which activates a receiver installed in the vehicle. Through an interface module, the receiver starts the engine and maintains proper RPM while the heater or air conditioner brings the vehicle to a comfortable temperature. More complex systems can perform functions such as automatically running the vehicle for a period of time when the temperature falls below a certain point.

Many remote starters have settings that allow them to be used with diesel engines and high-performance gasoline engines. There are also optional components to make it possible to start a conventional transmission vehicle by remote control.

Remote start can be installed as a stand-alone system, or it can be part of a much more sophisticated system for security and convenience. The most common combination is with a car security system including an audible alarm, starter interrupt to prevent a thief from starting the vehicle, and a shock sensor to warn intruders away. Keyless entry for doors and trunk can also be part of this system. With an additional module, it is possible to control and monitor many security/convenience functions using a smartphone.

With a remote starter for your car you will never have to get into a vehicle that is too hot or too cold again. The professionals at your nearest Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound will be happy to get you started today.

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