44VCWC124 Bass Package

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44VCWC124 Bass Package

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Bass Package With Kicker Sub

 The Kicker 44VCWC124 loaded enclosures is custom-sized to optimize subwoofer performance. You get incredible bass that fits almost anywhere. CompC subwoofers are the beating heart of every enclosure. You get a lightweight, injection-molded polypropylene cone and tough, ribbed polyurethane surround built to eliminate flex and distortion. The right port makes all the difference. Designed to optimize the subwoofer box performance precisely, these enclosures give you the “kick” you’ve been looking for! The enclosure is made of heavy MDF with a spring-loaded speaker terminal. Like all Kicker boxes, it comes with premium black carpeting and custom embroidery. You get a cool look that protects for years. Now all you need is the right amplifier to complete the package. Keep reading!

The BE1500.1 monoblock amplifier is the top of the power pyramid in the Elite line. his class A/B MOSFET monster pumps out 1500 watts peak power in one channel, enough to keep your subs working at full power all day – or night — long. To tame that massive power supply, there are variable high- and low-pass crossovers and a switchable bass boost. A wired subwoofer control lets you adjust the sound from the driver’s seat. Whether you’re starting your bass system from scratch or looking for more power to drive under-used subs, this package has everything you need.

Our money-saving price is just $269.99.

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