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Accele RVC1300L Reverse Backup Camera

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Accele RVC1300L Reverse Backup Camera

See what is behind your vehicle when you back up!

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Accele RVC1300L Reverse Backup Camera

The Accele RVC1300L reverse backup camera is one of the world’s smallest and water resistance cams around. This small camera size is 12X18mm that offers your choice of mount options that all come included. With all the choices available the Accele RVC1300L is price effective for most and a great choice to complete your backup system! With the proper mount attachments that come included place the small camera above your license plate. If you prefer a more undetected look then you can flush mount it right into your bumper. Use the 18mm drill bit that comes included. When installed in your bumper your new cam will have the look of a sensor most manufactures like Ford, GM, Chrysler, and many more use for their backup sensor system. Not only does the Accelevision RVC1300L backup camera works great when you’re in reverse but you can also install the camera for a front cam. Refer to your in-dash owner’s manual for front camera inputs as well as your rear view mirror input selections. With the reversible image and having a view of what is in your blind spot use the proper mount for a license plate mount. Or use the drill bit included to flush mount the mini camera behind your front bumper. Since we are always thinking safety first this mini camera will find use when the kids are outside playing near the car or offer a helping hand as you back up to use your hitch before you tow.

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