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Accele RVM430TG Backup Mirror

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Accele RVM430TG Backup Mirror

See what is behind your vehicle when you back up through your rear view mirror!


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Accele RVM430TG Backup Mirror

The Accele RVM430TG backup mirror comes with a 4.3 inch screen that will show video feed from any video source including a backup camera. This Accelevision RVM430TG also comes equipped with a temperature gauge so you always know how hot or cold it is outside. With the OEM styling it looks factory clean in almost any vehicle. Once you have a backup camera hooked into the Accele RVM430TG, the unit will automatically switch on the screen and show the camera feed when the vehicle is shifted into reverse. This makes it simple to use and once the vehicle is put into drive the 10 inch low glare mirror goes back to being your normal rear view mirror displaying no video and keeping driver distractions to a minimum. Backup camera technology is becoming almost standard in all new vehicles. Now with this Accele RVM430TG unit you will be able to upgrade your vehicle for much less than it was just a few short years ago.  Many larger vehicles you see have dented up bumpers because of poor visibility, with this Accelevision backup mirror system, all of that damage can be avoided and become a thing of the past! No more cost of body shops, rental cars or insurance rate hikes. And let’s not forget the peach of mind you will gain every time you put your vehicle in reverse!

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