AudioControl LC7i 6 Channel Line Output Converter

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AudioControl LC7i 6 Channel Line Output Converter

The AudioControl LC7i 6 channel line output converter is the whole solution for car owners who are not happy with their factory sound system. It’s flexibility and reliable performance are winning fans among demanding buyers at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound. If you have been listening to your factory stereo system and have the feeling something is missing, you’re probably right. Most factory sound packages are deliberately designed to minimize the bass and make the specific factory speakers sound as good as possible. Just turning up the volume doesn’t solve the problem and the factory equalizer is little help. This six-channel active line converter is built for anyone who wants a great in-car audio experience while keeping the factory head unit. The LC7i line output converter is capable of handling up to six channels of speaker level input, with internal summing across all channels. It has 400 watts of power handling. The “Great Turn On” (GTO) signal sensing feature powers up when it detects a signal on the speaker level input. The user has the flexibility of powering the audio signals downstream to single or multiple amps, maximizing sound quality while achieving high output. It dramatically improves system performance and fixes one of the biggest problems of today’s factory systems — weak bass. Using the patented AccuBASS process, the unit automatically corrects for the bass roll-off that is common with many factory-installed audio systems. The exclusive circuitry maintains and restores the bass as the volume is turned up, improving total audio performance. It is compatible with the The ACR-1 dash remote (sold separately) which allows the user to control the level of the low frequency output. In addition, it features a compact chassis allowing for an easy, flexible upgrade in today’s space constrained vehicles. Come in today to hear why buyers at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound have fallen in love with the AudioControl LC7i.

            Many of today’s vehicles are designed with head units that are such a large part of the look and function of the vehicle that they would rather not replace it with an aftermarket head unit. In fact, there are even some vehicles designed so that you cannot remove the factory head unit at all. Why should you or your sound quality suffer because of this? We say it should not, and by adding Audio Control’s LC6I you can keep the factory head unit and functionality while still achieving the quality sound that you can only achieve with aftermarket technology and equipment! Audio Express/Quality Auto Sound is one of AudioControl’s top dealers worldwide, and we’re proud to offer their superb products. If you have a vehicle and want to integrate with your factory stereo, call or come see one of our factory trained technicians today!

More Information
Outputs Preamp Outputs: 3 (6 channels)
Ohm Ohm
Frequency Response 10Hz-22kHz
Dimensions 7.5”W x 4.7”D x 1.2”H
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