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Mitsubishi Harness

Mitsubishi Harness

Wiring adapters and harnesses are instrumental in any proper install, and can make life much easier simply by using the correct one for your car or truck. Today vehicles uses many different harnesses to connect the factory stereo, and they all vary between manufacturers, between models, and even between trim packages on the same model. For instance, a GM vehicle with Onstar or Bose will take a different adapter harness than one without Onstar or Bose, just like a Toyota with JBL takes a different harness than one without the factory JBL system. Many of today’s cars also support a RAP feature, which stands for “Retained Accessory Power”. To everyone else, this simply means that the radio stays on after you turn off the key, until a door is opened. However, this feature is supported thru the car’s computer data system, not a simple wire attachment behind the stereo, making a specialized data harness necessary for correct function. To sum all this up, in today’s advanced cars and trucks, the LAST thing you want to be doing is chopping up your factory harness and randomly connecting wires hoping to make something works and not fry something else in the process.

Wiring adapters eliminate all this headache by having a vehicle specific plug at one end, that plugs directly into your vehicles factory harness without cutting, and wires that are color coded to the universal colors used by aftermarket manufacturers to connect the new stereo to. This saves time and eliminates the guesswork about what wire does what, and allows for a clean and straight forward installation free of headaches and electrical problems. Here at Audio Express/Quality Auto Sound, we pride ourselves on the fact that we only handle mobile electronics, and all of our staff is factory trained on which harnesses work with what vehicle, and the differences between the adapters. Take the guesswork out of your install, and call or come by Audio Express/Quality Auto Sound today to get the right vehicle specific adapter harness you need!

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