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Alpine SPS-110TW Tweeters

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Alpine SPS-110TW Tweeters

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Alpine SPS-110TW Tweeters

Alpine SPS-110TW tweeters add an important element to any speaker system, handliing the higher pitches and vocal ranges that larger speakers struggle to reproduce. The flexibility and reliability of these 1-inch beauties is making fans among staff and customers at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound. These are the same tweeters included with the Type-S component speakers. Using them as separate components means you can add an efficient, affordable tweeter to any sound system. The use of separate tweeters allows you to “stage” your music, placing the vocalist in the center of a virtual concert venue. The small in-line crossover network uses high-grade electrical components to assure that only the correct range of signals is sent to the tweeters, assuring a clean sound. The pure silk-dome tweeter diaphragm is designed for wide frequency range and high efficiency, without ever sounding harsh or shrill. At only ¾ of an inch deep, they will fit virtually anywhere, using a 15-degree swivel flush cup mount or stealth OEM mount. The swivel makes it easy to aim the sound exactly where you want it. These Type-S tweeters borrow some technology from their higher-end Type-R cousins, like a copper-clad aluminum voice coil, copper shorting cap, high-grade neodymium magnet, and aluminum bobbin. The result is best-in-class power handling of 100 watts RMS and 300 watts peak. The best way to understand what component tweeters can add to your system is to pay a visit to your nearest Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound location. Tell the professionals you want to hear the Alpine SPS-110TW tweeters in action.

Additional Information

Power Handling 5-100 watts
Frequency Response 1000-22000 hz
Sensitivity 88 db

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