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4 Channel Amplifier

4 Channel Amplifiers

4 Channel Amplifier

4 Channel Amplifier

A 4 channel amplifier is one of the most significant pieces of equipment you can add to your sound system. Very often overlooked, a power amplifier will boost power to your interior speakers and help them to play loud clean music without distortion. One of the most common causes of blown speakers, if not the most common, is under powering. With too little power running to a speaker that is designed to have more power causes it to overheat when it plays, as well as distort. This means the speaker has to work harder to produce the desired sound due to the lack of wattage. Think of a car engine with an under sized fuel line, it just doesn’t get enough juice to get the job done. When a speakers voice coil heats up, it becomes brittle and can snap, causing that popping and crackling noise that so easily ruins your sound.

By using a 4 channel amplifier to give your speakers the right amount of power, they can play loud and run efficiently. This will give you a much longer speaker life and a substantially better musical experience. These amps are also very versatile, incorporating adjustable crossovers, allowing you to run any size speakers with them.

These are a great choice if you drive a regular cab truck as you can power the front channels to power the front speakers and the rear channels can typically be bridged and used to power a single subwoofer. A 4 channel amplifier is also a must have for any boat or off road vehicle owner. With the amount of wind sound created when using these toys, a regular stereo has to be turned up past the distortion point to overcome the noise and still be heard. This often leads to blown speakers and can ruin the fun on anyone’s weekend getaway. A 4 channel amp will kick up the power to a level where the music can easily be heard over the ambient sound, and still be clean and distortion free to keep the speakers safe.

There are many options for speakers and 4 channel amplifiers on the market, give us a call or stop by to speak with one of our car audio installation professionals and we’ll get you set up with great, clean sound from a car audio system experience you can fully enjoy.

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