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Mono Amplifier

Mono Amplifiers

Mono Amplifier

Mono Amplifier

So, you’ve decided what subwoofer you want, now you need to look at a mono amplifier to find the right one to drive it. There are many options in the world of amplifiers, and it’s extremely important that you get one that matches up properly to the speakers you are using. When it comes to running a subwoofer, mono amplifiers are the most popular by far. A mono amp is a single channel amplifier, designed to drive subwoofers at lower ohm loads than two and four channel amps. They put out huge power for their size, and have high efficiency ratings so you see more of your wattage all of the time. Typically they are built to be ran at 2 ohm, and tend to deliver the most clean power at this ohm load.

Running an amplifier at too low of an ohm load can cause distortion, over-heating, and premature failure on the subs and amp, so it’s very important that the speakers and amp match up correctly. We carry a huge selection of subwoofers and amplifiers, and all our professionals specialize in car audio and system building, and can help you match up what you need so you know you’re getting the right set up, hassle free. A proper set up will give you years of enjoyment and trouble free performance, and since Audio Express/Quality Auto sound only deals in 12 volt electronics, no one is more knowledgeable in car audio and offers such a wide selection of authorized, name brand equipment and installation.

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