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Audio Control Epicenter

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Audio Control Epicenter

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Audio Control Epicenter

The Audio Control Epicenter is the answer to one of the enduring mysteries in car stereo: When I turn up the volume why does the bass fade away? The way to hear the answer for yourself is to pay a visit to your favorite Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound location. You’ll find out that your factory radio is pretty much being fooled into thinking your stereo system is a pair of headphones. So it removes the bass, and the louder you turn the volume the more “roll off” you experience. The Epicenter digital bass restoration processor restores the earth-shaking power your subwoofers crave. Built to be the centerpiece of champion sound installation systems, the unit uses a patented process to digitally maximize the ultra-low bass on all types of source material. It detects bass harmonics then digitally recreates the underlying sound for the incredible punch and impact of live music. Along with the patented Bass Maximizer, there is a parametric bass control, subsonic filter, and bass output control. A dash mounted control puts you in charge of all the technology and the bass restoration lighted display shows what’s happening from one second to the next. The unit ties into your system between the head unit and the subwoofers, using two RCA preamp inputs from the deck and two outputs to drive the subs. Customers who hear the results at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound can’t wait to have the same powerful bass in their ride. Be sure to tell the professionals you want to hear the Audio Control Epicenter digital bass restoration pro.

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Frequency Response 10Hz - 100kHz
Dimensions 8''x5.5''x1.2''

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