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AudioControl LC6i 6 Channel Line Output Converter

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AudioControl LC6i



AudioControl LC6i 6 Channel Line Output Converter

The AudioControl LC6i 6 channel line output converter allows you to add any class of amplifiers to your factory radio or head unit, while delivering the aftermarket sound quality that you deserve. The LC6i offers 6 speaker level inputs, allowing you to connect it to any factory system, including amplified ones. While a basic high to low level converter will only take up to 50 watts on the input, the LC6I can handle up to 400 watts, allowing it to work perfectly with many of todays amplified systems, like Bose or JBL, while enhancing your system’s overall sound quality to levels previously thought unattainable. No matter the factory system, this unit can handle it. When installing aftermarket amps you want to make sure they are getting a strong full range signal for the best sound quality possible. Many basic hi/low level converters get the basic job done, but do not deliver the signal, voltage or sound quality that you want or that your amplifier most likely offers. Basically using the wrong line level adapter will not only affect your sound in a negative way, but starves your amplifier of the signal and voltage it needs to perform at its highest level. That is why the LC6i sums the factory input, even if they are actively crossed over by the factory system, giving you all the sound out of your system that it can provide.  Once the AudioControl LC6i has the factory signal inputted and summed it has 6 RCA preamp outputs to handle a front/rear/sub set up through a 5-channel amp or a 4-channel mono amp set up.             Many of today’s vehicles are designed with head units that are such a large part of the look and function of the vehicle that they would rather not replace it with an aftermarket head unit. In fact, there are even some vehicles designed so that you cannot remove the factory head unit at all. Why should you or your sound quality suffer because of this? We say it should not, and by adding Audio Control’s LC6I you can keep the factory head unit and functionality while still achieving the quality sound that you can only achieve with aftermarket technology and equipment! Audio Express/Quality Auto Sound is one of AudioControl’s top dealers worldwide, and we’re proud to offer their superb products. If you have a vehicle and want to integrate with your factory stereo, call or come see one of our factory trained technicians today!

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Lc6i Review by Mike K
Thank you for suggesting the Lc6i for my factory radio intergration ! This made my install go smooth and my sound is amazing ! Who would of thought it would make such a difference (Posted on 2/22/2017)
works Review by chris
I only wanted to get an amp hooked to my factory radio. I did not want to change the radio because it runs some car functions. I reluctantly added the LC6I to be honest I did not think it would make a big difference. I was pleasantly surprised it makes a huge difference (Posted on 6/21/2016)

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