AX-AESW Steering Wheel Control Interface

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AX-AESW Steering Wheel Control Interface

You’ll love the AX-AESW if you have grown to depend on steering wheel controls for your car stereo system but have the urge to step to an after-market receiver. Many brand name stereo head units have the capability to use factory steering wheel controls, but require an interface module. At Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound this has become the first choice.

Using an interface has two elements. First, it must recognize the new receiver and then it must recognize the vehicle. This single interface is designed to auto-recognize a large percentage of AM/FM/CD receivers as well as DVD players and navigation head units. If it doesn’t recognize the deck, it can be manually programmed for even greater flexibility.

Next, the interface must recognize the vehicle and have the capability to reprogram the steering wheel controls. Again, the patented detection system is automatic for the vast majority of vehicles with steering wheel controls, and can be manually programmed for many more.

For long-term operation, a non-volatile memory retains the setting if the battery is removed from the vehicle for any reason. It also retains the information if the module itself has to be disconnected or removed and then replaced.

Come in and talk to one of our technical experts at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound. Let them tell you why they are going more and more to the AX-AESW steering wheel control interface.

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