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Blind Spot And Rear View Package

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Blind Spot And Rear View Package

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Blind Spot And Rear View Package

Get blind-spot and rear-view coverage for safe driving and capture your adventure with a DVR dash camera that records all the action. It’s all here in a package that includes a new factory-replacement mirror and a smart switching system that knows which camera image to display when. It starts with the EchoMaster MM4320DVR universal replacement rear-view mirror that includes a 4.3-inch high resolution LCD display. The front-facing camera built into the mirror will capture all the fun on your next trip. The DVR recording also gives you extra line of protection if you’re involved in a traffic incident. It creates a record of what really happened, protecting you from unfair liability. Dual video inputs allow for use with multiple cameras, and the smart auto-dimming display is a power-saver. A pair of EchoMaster PCAMBS1N cameras mount under side view mirrors and can be triggered by turning on your turn signals. They make lane changing safer, with no need for twisting and turning. The angle of the camera is specifically designed to eliminate the side blind spots that can spell disaster for any driver. The cameras are fully self-adhesive and the mounting style delivers endless possibilities, including use on off-road vehicles. An EchoMaster CAMLP1N can be mounted on a license plate, stealth mounted in trim elements, or flush mounted to capture exactly the rear view image you want. With a 170-degree viewing angle and the ability to operate in very low light, this camera lets you back with confidence everywhere. And it’s built to take years of weather abuse. Tying it all together is the EchoMaster VS41 universal four-camera switcher that selects front, left and right side, and rear. The inputs are triggered by driver behavior with the rear back-up inputs automatically activated when the vehicle is shifted into reverse and side inputs prompted by the turn signals. When you put it all together, this package will make any drive easier and more fun. The low package price will save you $250, and our installation rates will add even more savings.

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