Accele LCDP43LW Backup Screen

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Accele LCDP43LW Backup Screen Stay safe when backing up!

Accele LCDP43LW Backup Screen

The Accele LCDP43LW backup screen solves the problem of knowing what’s behind you when you’re backing up. This 4.3-inch monitor is big enough to see details, and flexible enough to mount just about anywhere. This is the ideal middle ground between image-in-mirror and in-dash video. Safety-conscious buyers at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound have made it a real favorite.

The high-quality TFT LCD image is bigger than those in replacement mirrors, and this panel can be flush-mounted on your dash or visor. If that doesn’t work for you, there is also hardware for mounting on the windshield. The adjustable swivel mount lets you get the exact viewing angle you want. Handy on-screen display adjustments and a removable sunshade let you get the best possible image.

The LCDP43LW has two video inputs, which means you can have a rear-view camera and a second camera for forward or inside view. This is ideal for families or group trips because the driver can see what’s happening in the back seats. The rear view is not only vital for safe backing, a properly placed camera can also make hitching up a trailer or fifth-wheel a cinch.

Add a high-quality camera at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound and you’ll have a system to meet all your needs, installed at the lowest price in town. Come in today and see the Accele LCDP43LW backup screen in action.

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Display Resolution : 1440 X 234
Ohm Ohm
Dimensions 4.3” LCD Display
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