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Blam Signature Audio

Blam Audio’s “French Sound’’ is a subtle and very specific balance in car audio, designed to accurately reproduce the music’s midrange details while preserving all the emotions. This attention to every detail is the reason Blam products are now featured at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound. Drawing on more than 25 years of experience by Guy Bonneville in the conception and creation of high-end components, Blam designed its speakers to fully express this unique sound-concept. The resulting components faithfully reproduce the dynamics of the original recording, diligently retaining all the natural nuances and vocal clarity that make music come alive. Blam’s new Signature line calls on all of Guy’s experience working with car audio and product design. Quite simply, it reaches all the ideals and targets he has set for “French Sound.’’ Signature is made exclusively in France. Each component is designed in BLAM’s own laboratory before being hand-assembled, rigorously tested and paired in a brand new, purpose-built workshop in France. Though they are not yet a household name in the United States, Blam components are finding wide acceptance among audiophiles who want nothing but the best in their vehicles. Naturally the place to hear them in action is your nearest Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound.

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