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Code Alarm

Code Alarm

Code Alarm

At Code Alarm they understand you want reliability, versatility and value in your car alarm. That’s why they lead the way in car security innovation. From a stand-alone keyless entry all the way to sophisticated multi-purpose car security systems, Code Alarm is the brand to watch.

The top of the Code Alarm pyramid, featured at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound, is a selection of long-range vehicle security systems that include remote start, keyless entry and two-way communication. With the metal-clad LCD remote in your pocket, you can see the vehicle status, and you will be paged when that status changes! How about a parking meter timer? It will page you in time to save a ticket!

Code Alarm is famous for building in quality. At all price levels look for standard features such as a loud multi-tone siren (no feeble honking horn), starter interrupt, shock sensor, bright blinking warn-away lights and keyless entry. If you want to stay friendly with your neighbors, check out the silent mode. As you move up the line look for features such as the glass-mounted antenna to improve operating range. All models come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Highly sophisticated remote start systems from Code Alarm are Diesel compatible and can be set to start your engine at specific times, or when a certain temperature is reached. With all the available features, you may need an expert to guide you to the Alarm model that’s best for you. Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound staff members have worked with thousands of people just like you, so they know how to make you happy. Best of all, we’ll install it at the lowest price in town, guaranteed!

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