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Concept Head Rests

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Concept Headrests

Concept Head Rests

Concept head rests prove somebody out there understands modern mobile video needs. These are the solution to vans and large SUVs with multiple rows of seats. Instead of listening to the kids fighting over who can’t see the single roof-mounted monitor, turn every headrest into its own mobile entertainment center!

Concept headrests replace your factory head rests and are available with 7-inch and 9-inch video monitors. Chameleon changeable skins allow you to match popular factory interior colors. Keep your factory head rests and re-install them when you sell the vehicle. Save your Concept head rests as a major entertainment upgrade for your next purchase.

The choices of programming sources include DVD, mini USB port, and dual audio video inputs. If you want to go wireless, check out the models with built-in Miracast for wireless reception of multimedia content from your smartphone or other mobile device. Matching Concept headrests are also available as view-only monitors, linked to other program sources.

Concept head rests are the answer to family entertainment on the road. Check out all the options at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound. You will be amazed at how our trained installers can convert your family ride into a mobile video wonderland for everyone in the back seats.

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