JL Audio HD900/5 5 Channel Class D Amp

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JL Audio HD900/5

JL Audio HD900/5 5 Channel Class D Amp

The super compact JL Audio HD900/5 5 Channel Class D Amp is the product you need if space is at a premium, but power and sound are a must! This 5 channel amplifier doesn’t compromise, delivering 100 watts RMS thru the four high pass channels to your vehicles interior speakers, plus 500 watts RMS to power a subwoofer thru the fifth channel. The JL Audio HD900/5 uses R.I.P.S. technology to deliver all of that power over a wide range of speaker impedances, so no matter what ohm load you are running, or variances in your car’s voltage, this amp will get your speakers all the power they need, and then some. But there’s more to this beast than just wattage, because the HD900/5 amplifier isn’t just about brute power. This 5-Channel amp also delivers a high fidelity full range sound, with crystal clear highs and thundering bass. The amp is able to do this by using “Single Cycle Control”. This patented technology tracks the audio signal over 400,000 times per second comparing it to the real PWM waveform and then correcting it giving you distortion free sound. When you are listening to your music without distortion, everything sounds better and truer, even at higher volumes. When other, inferior amps may distort and sound poor and muddy, this amp keeps everything tight and clean. There is no other class D control system that works faster or more accurately than the JL Audio system, and that is why no other amp on the market out performs the HD900/5 5 channel amp. Audio Express/Quality Auto Sound is proud to be a leading JL Audio dealer, and all of our specialist are factory trained by JL. Come by and see why we are one of JL’s top dealers, year in and year out.  

More Information
RMS Power 100 W x 4 + 500 W x 1
Filters High-Pass only
Frequency Response 12 Hz - 28 kHz (+0, -1dB)
Dimensions Height (H) 1.93 in / 49 mm, Width (W) 10.74 in / 273 mm, Depth (D) 8.29 in / 211 mm
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