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Kenwood Speakers

Kenwood Speakers

Kenwood Speakers

Kenwood Speakers

Listen to Kenwood speakers and you know they are built by people who care about sound. The entry-level Sport series and the higher-end Performance series share one common trait: everything that goes into them is there to give you best response possible.

The Performance series of speakers features three-way, four-way and even five-way models as well as two-way component packages with advanced crossover network. Different combinations of cone and tweeter material provide optimum sound from each design.

Sport series Kenwood speakers feature polypropylene mid-woofer cone for strength and accurate response. The two-way models are equipped with balanced dome tweeters for durability and sound quality. This line is topped off with a 6 x 9-inch three-way speaker that handles 400 watts maximum.

When you put a two-year warranty on something, that means you expect it to last. That’s the case with eXcelon Kenwood speakers. From the oversize 7-inch two-ways to the component sets these are the pinnacle of Kenwood speaker line up. Drop them into factory locations or build a custom system to get exactly the sound you want.

If you have special wants or space limitations, stop in at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound to see what our experts can design using components and custom-fit Kenwood speakers. You know you’ll get everything for the lowest installed price in town.

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