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Kicker Car Audio

Kicker Car Audio

Kicker Car Audio

Kicker car audio is built to live up to the company’s motto: “Livin’ Loud!” We are proud to be an authorized Kicker dealer. From its beginnings in 1973, they have been a power in the car audio business, driving innovation and technology. Today, Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound features Kicker audio products because they are still delivering high-quality results with its renowned bass and accurate sound.

The heart of the Kicker car audio brand is subwoofers. These woofers reach deep to give unexpected power for the price. Start with un-mounted subs to build a custom system, or choose from loaded sub enclosures and powered bass boxes.

Look to Kicker amps for clean power to drive your subs or speakers. Plan on hearing a bigger, sharper sound with their amplifiers. Whether it’s a mono bass amp, 2-channel or 4-channel power, there’s a lot to love in the Kicker amplifier selection.

When they say Kicker speakers give you power and value, that’s not hype. From factory-fit two-way speakers to sophisticated component packages, their speakers will deliver every time. You will learn to love the clear sound and reliable quality.

Ready to get started with Kicker car audio? Your first stop should be Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound, where you can hear our wide selection. When you’ve chosen the Kicker car audio system for your car, we’ll install it at the lowest installed price in town.

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