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Kicker Speakers

Kicker Speakers

Kicker speakers

Kicker Speakers

Hearing Kicker speakers for the first time can cause you to doubt your senses. That’s because the difference between Kicker and factory speakers is so big it defies description. We like to amaze people at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound, so we have a wide selection of Kicker speakers on hand all the time.

From entry-level to competition quality, they give you big value for your money. Their speakers feature technology you’ll never find in a factory speaker, such as the heavy-duty motor-magnet and extended voice coil. Whether you’re looking for two-way factory replacements or components for your custom car audio system, Kicker is one brand you should have on your shopping list.

These speakers have moved far beyond highway uses, with extensive lines of marine and power sports products. You can take your music way off the road, or even into the open ocean with rugged Kicker products. Motorcycle riders must see and hear the handle-bar mounted mini speakers.

When you’re upgrading the bass in your vehicle, doesn’t it make sense to check out Kicker speakers for the rest of the sound? You’ll find a blend of power, precision and affordability waiting for you at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound.  When you’ve made your choice, we’ll install it at the lowest price in town!

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