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The idea behind the Match line of products from Audiotech Fischer is to bring excellent audio enjoyment into any vehicle. Our experts at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound know this dream becomes a reality only when the ultimate listening experience can be granted to everyone. Match series offers a perfect system solution for every demand and every purpose. The Plug & Play line provides maximum improvement of the original audio system with minimal installation issues. The vehicle remains as it is, with everything installed without a trace. It can be removed quickly, an essential aspect for leased vehicles. No need to change car radio or speakers. The Micro series allows a wide range of individual sound concepts. From mono to multi-channel, from basic to better, the scope and finesse of the sound system is up to you. The products can be used with factory radios as well as aftermarket upgrades. The system features compact, efficient amplifiers with low heat dissipation and individual sound tuning Match DSP signal processors. Model-specific products include a line of upgrade speakers specifically designed to integrate perfectly with most BMW models imported to the United States. There’s one reason why we love these products at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound. All Match concepts have one thing in common: the sound difference to the original system will be overwhelming!

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