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Sound The Alarm – Car Thefts Are Way, Way Up

We have been selling and installing car alarms and vehicle security systems for nearly forty years. We’ll get your vehicle protected and help you save money on your insurance premiums in the process.

While many new vehicles come with built-in safety features, there are still advantages to buying and installing a third party alarm system in your car. While auto thefts continue to increase, most victims of vehicle theft think that just because they have a keyless entry system, they're protected. But the truth is, they're not.

A basic key-less entry system will possibly sound the horn when the door is opened, but they do not offer any other protection to prevent a vehicle from being stolen or broken into. Auto thieves have worked their way around key-less entry systems. That's where a high-quality car alarm system comes in.

Why You Need To Upgrade Your Car Alarm System

Today, most new cars do not come with a true form of protection. While keyless entry systems offer some minimal safety, they're not a true car alarm. Factory immobilizers can prevent the car from being driven without the proper key, essentially ending the days of hot-wiring a car for an inexperienced thief, but thieves have come up with ingenious ways of working around this rudimentary safety feature.

Often your car salesman will use this fact to assure you that your vehicle is safe, or they will say that keyless entry is the same as a car alarm. You could take their word for it, but instead, you should conduct a couple of quick tests to determine if the new car you're interested in actually has an alarm system.

Start by locking the car and then tap on the windows. Does this activate the alarm? If it doesn't, you most likely don't have a car alarm. Or try locking the car and then move it up and down, simulating jacking up the vehicle. If the alarm doesn't sound then your car has no tilt sensor and will not sound if the car is towed or jacked up.

Difference between Keyless Entry and Car Alarms

A remote start, or keyless entry system uses a key fob and a code to unlock your vehicle without the need for a key. While this is a great safety feature and it does not make stealing your vehicle more difficult, it's not a true car alarm. Today, some vehicles also come equipped with a device that can help locate where your stolen car is, IF your vehicle is equipped and in the range of the locating device. It's usually activated by the dealer and delivers the address of your vehicle to law enforcement. While this is also a great device to recover your vehicle, it's again, not a car alarm system. Once your vehicle is stolen, who knows what kind of damage or vandalism can occur before it is recovered.

A car alarm is an anti-theft device that will trigger a siren and flash your lights whenever someone is tampering with your vehicle. When the alarm is armed, your vehicle is safe due to the starter disable. The thief can't start your car, even if they have the key.

Audible Alarms – Trigger a siren and flash the lights when set off. They can feature sensors that detect when the car is moved or tampered with, and they then set off the alarm.

Silent Alarms – If you don’t want your car making noise, you can have an alarm installed without a siren. This will notify you through your mobile device or 2 way key fob depending on the model. If your vehicle is being broken into you will receive a text notification, and you can then notify the police. However, we always recommend a siren be installed.

With any of these alarms, once they are activated the thief cannot start the car, even if they have a key. These types of alarms offer the best protection against car theft.

Alarm systems offer many various options which are reflected in the price. A basic third-party car alarm can cost around $150. As you add options, prices can rise to as much as $600 or more. Consumers can sometimes recoup some of these costs through lower insurance rates. If you're considering the purchase of a car alarm system, speak with your insurance agent to see if any discounts are available. With many different alarm systems available in all different price ranges, buying an alarm is a great value versus higher insurance rates and paying the deductible in the case of a claim.

Want to Know More about Car Alarm Systems?

Here at Audio Express, we offer a full range of vehicle security systems from the top manufacturers including Viper, Code Alarm, and Directed Electronics. If you'd like to learn more or are ready to purchase a vehicle security systems, contact Audio Express today!