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ASCL6 CarLink

The ASCL6 CarLink by Voxx is the answer to phone-based vehicle security systems with high monthly premiums. The security professionals at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound are seeing a big future for this versatile product. Voxx understands the frustration of being “just out of range” with your security or remote start system. Especially maddening is the fact that rain or snow, the very reason we have remote start, can shorten the range even more. What’s the point of having to almost walk up to the vehicle to get remote start to work? So manufacturers started offering systems that are controlled from smartphones and have essentially limitless range.  Knowing that one of the biggest challenges for consumers who want unlimited operating range for their security system is the monthly or annual fee, Voxx engineers went to work. The result is a 3G system that is compatible with most popular brands of car security and convenience systems. It uses your smartphone and offers a service plan including vehicle control and vehicle location services, at a cost of about $30 for one year of unlimited service, after purchase of the module. Is it any wonder there is such excitement among early adopters at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound? When you stop in to check out security options, be sure you see how the ASCL6 CarLink by Voxx can work for you.

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