Digital Sound Processors

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Digital Signal Processors The sound signal from factory radios is specially tuned to make the original factory speakers sound as good as possible. That often means users experience “bass roll-off,” the effect of the bass fading as you increase the volume. The experts at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound know many vehicle owners want improved sound but don’t want to replace the factory receiver. The answer is digital signal processors that restore the full sound of the music and produce multi-channel output ready for upgraded amplifiers and speakers. When a DSP is used as the heart of a package, whether it is enhanced bass or a full system rebuild, the results are amazing. Our selection of stand-alone DSP modules as well as amplifiers with built-in DSP means every vehicle owner can find a model that exactly fits his needs. Then, calling on world-famous manufacturers, there is an almost endless selection of full-range speakers, components and subwoofers to fit every vehicle and budget. Shoppers will find significant savings with our package deals. If your factory speakers are a few years old and seem to have lost their punch, it’s time to take a look at a speaker package that includes a digital signal processor from Audio Express/ Quality Auto Sound.