Front-Rear Video Package

Front-Rear Video Package
Front-Rear Video Package

Home electronics fans have long known that JVC has been a major brand for top-notch video and audio components for decades, so it's not surprising that they'd extend their efforts into car entertainment systems. Meanwhile, Accele has been one of the pioneers of car video monitors and other related hardware practically from the beginning. Imagine what sort of quality entertainment can be had from combining them.

Sounds Good

The JVC KD-AV41BT is more than just a simple head unit. It provides Bluetooth pairing with mobile devices as an audio source as well as a video display for applications like Google Maps.

For those who have a massive MP3 collection stored on a thumb drive, it can cycle through hundreds of tracks with ease. It can play DVD videos directly on its bright 3.5” screen or output to a larger screen. 

If the car has an existing backup camera, or you’d like to add one, the driver can use that same screen to help make sure there are no obstructions. As head units go, this JVC receiver has a lot to offer, at a price anyone can afford.

Looks Good

Flip-down video displays have become an important part of SUVs, minivans and other vehicles with large passenger capacity. 

Accele's ZFD11W video monitor is an aftermarket option that delivers an excellent image for all the passengers in the back. Plus, with optional IR wireless headphones that pipe sound from the screen to the listener, the driver can listen to what they want instead of the movie playing through the car's stereo system, giving viewers the sound they need to appreciate what they're seeing, without distracting the driver. 

Works Great

So these two components can undoubtedly work together to provide quality entertainment, but what can somebody do with it? The first obvious benefit is for those with families who are going to be taking road trips over long distances. For all the great sights to be seen there's often a lot of empty road and kids get bored easily. But throwing on car videos for kids isn't the only use for such a combination.

Picture being able to deliver a briefing to a client about a construction project or business initiative on the way to tour the site or arriving for a major meeting. Or if your friends just have to know the artist and album of a certain track, you can display song metadata while cruising down the road.

Audio Express has years of experience in car audio and related electronics installations. Our service technicians are top notch and our packages are fully warrantied. Come down today and see about making your vehicle a little more entertaining.

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