Kenwood Bass Package - The Dominator - Installation Included

Kenwood Dominator

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Kenwood Bass Package - The Dominator - Installation Included

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Kenwood Bass Package - The Dominator - Installation Included Since 1975, Kenwood has built a reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality stereo and car audio components. From speakers to receivers, it remains one of the most recognizable names in audio components, delivering incredible value and equally incredible sound. Given its position in the market, putting together our Kenwood Bass Package is only natural.

The Parts

The “Dominator” package starts off with a great head unit, the Kenwood Excelon KDCX301, packed with features like Bluetooth and variable color display, plus Excelon’s well known sound quality and two year warranty. As the name suggests, this package is designed to “dominate” the competition with the deep bass of the Kenwood's P-W121B subwoofer enclosure. Using a 12-inch cone pre-mounted in a custom spec’d box, this bass set up is able to handle 300 watts of power without breaking a sweat. Of course, it's not much good without an amplifier, and the KAC-5206 packaged with the subwoofer cranks out 400 watts of peak power – plenty for the sub to get loud. Also included in the Dominator package is a choice of three Kenwood coaxial speaker sizes designed to fit most vehicles on the road today.  Customers can go with 6.5-inch KFC-1665S round 2-way coaxial, the most common speaker size in domestic and imports, 6x8/5x7 inch KFC-C6865S coaxial perfect for many Fords, Nissan, and Mazda’s, or 6X9 inch KFC-6965S three-way speakers found in many of today’s newer vehicles. With the three most popular size combos available, rest assured this set-up should fit your vehicle with ease.

The Placement

Once the package is put together, the installation will require some careful thought. If there are existing speakers that have similar dimensions as the replacements, it shouldn't be much effort to simply swap them out and hook them up to the existing wiring. If the speakers are of a much different shape, or are significantly larger than the ones being replaced, there will be some extra work involved. Placement of the speakers will also be a consideration, along with placement of the subwoofer and amplifier. Normally, speakers are placed in factory installed locations, giving you superior, improved sound with that stock look, and the amp and subwoofer are placed in the spot giving the best performance and air circulation. Best of all, our great $599 price INCLUDES our professional installation!

The People

Audio Express has been putting together car audio packages and installing them in a variety of vehicles for decades, so we have a level of experience that can not only be relied upon, but guaranteed. We offer warranties on all of our installations, labor as well as parts.  As an authorized dealer of Kenwood components, as well as others, we can make good on those warranties if the worst should happen and a component of any car audio package fails.  Plus, installation costs are factored in as part of the package price, which saves money down the line when trying to overhaul any car's stereo systems.  We invite you to come down or visit our website and look over the great selection of car audio bass packages we have available!
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