Marine Audio

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Marine Audio Boats on the water create a challenging environment for audio equipment, but a boat without a sound system seems to be missing something. Fortunately, at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound we have packages that will add the party soundtrack to any boating trip. Marine-grade speakers are ready to deliver high-quality sound, whether you choose to install them in the hull or use them with protective pods on a tower. The varying sizes available meet every need. Dash-style receivers bring AM/FM/CD programming and may offer other options such as SiriusXM or Bluetooth to link with your phone. Choose and gauge-style control unit with Bluetooth to blend with the look of your boat. Or select a Bluetooth-enabled amplifier and keep all the functions of your phone while hiding the component safely inside the hull. Add more marine-grade amplifiers to boost the sound even further. We select only the finest products for our boat packages, from manufacturers who have years of proven experience in this specialized area. Our installers understand the unique demands of marine use and are ready to produce a system that will give trouble-free service for years to come. The place to start for marine packages is Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound.