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Car Speakers

Car Speakers

Car Speakers

Why should you change your car speakers?

There is an old and true saying, “You are only as good as your weakest link.” When it comes to putting together a superior sound system for your car or truck this certainly rings true. Other components are much flashier and attention grabbers such as a new deck or amplifier, but when you make a change to one of these components you will not get the best sound possible without changing your factory speakers.

The factory car speakers that come stock in your vehicle are designed to work best with the factory radio. A system must be designed to work together and it’s the same idea whether factory or aftermarket. Most factory speakers are a basic single or dual cone design. Since the factory stereo is designed to work with those exact speakers, these speakers are tuned or “crossed over” at manufacturer in such a way they actually provide fairly decent sound on certain frequencies when played with original system components. However once you change either the radio or speakers, you lose that “factory set, cross over” sound.

After-market speakers generally come with more than one speaker, either built in so that multiple speakers make up one, (co-ax, three way or four way speakers), or they come as separate speakers (component speakers with separate cross overs, mid-range and tweeters). This produces much cleaner and fuller sound and overall separation because you have multiple car speakers, each designed to produce only certain frequencies and therefore a much cleaner, smoother sound than your one way factory speaker is capable of.

Bottom line, after-market speakers sound better than factory speakers, especially when you have replaced the factory stereo. Depending on the style of music you listen to, and the after-market components that make up your system, our knowledgeable staff will can accomplish the car speaker installation to maximize your listening preferences at prices that won’t crush your budget. So call or stop by your local Audio Express/Quality Auto sound, and one of our factory trained car audio installation technicians will help you find the right car speakers for you.

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