Concept RSD905 DVD Headrest Monitor

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Concept RSD905 DVD Headrest Monitor

The Concept RSD905 DVD Headrest Monitor is the latest in a family of highly successful headrest monitors from one of the foremost makers in the industry. Packaged in a factory-replacement headrest, this is the go-to entertainment option for many families. That’s why the experts at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound are proudly installing it for so many customers.

Interchangeable wraps mean this 9-inch TFT LCD headrest monitor and DVD player will blend with popular interior colors. LED backlighting means exceptional picture quality, high efficiency and long life. Touch sensitive controls or a wireless remote control put you in charge of all the technology.

The built-in DVD player is compatible with all common disc formats and there is also a high-definition input for smart phone connectivity. A mini USB port allows music, image and video playback, and the unit automatically selects between PAL and ATSC systems. If that’s not enough program sources, there are also two A/V inputs, one 3.5mm front input jack, and one wired RCA input. An RCA audio/video output means this can be the heart of a complete entertainment system. When two headrests are installed, they can be cross-wired to allow separate programming, or both can share one program.

The RSD905 had advanced ALC technology which means improved audio volume. You can play the audio through the built-in dual speakers or use either the FM or two channel IR transmitter for headset reception. The panel swivels out for optimum viewing angle. 

Wrap it all together, and this is an amazingly adaptive option for rear-seat entertainment. Stop by Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound to see how flexible this headrest system really is. You’ll want to make the Concept RSD905 DVD Headrest monitor a regular traveler on all your family trips.

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