Kenwood DRV-410 Dash Camera

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Kenwood DRV-410 Dash Camera

Kenwood DRV-410 Dash Camera

The Kenwood DRV-410 dash camera is for everyone who has discovered the value of dash cameras and is tired of dark, grainy images. Drivers who want the latest technology are making this a favorite at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound. The compact design is intended for front-facing, window-mount use.

A full HD video recorder will retain the fun of your trip or document any occurrence or disturbance you may come across while driving. High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology means it can record video in both dark and bright locations without under-exposing and washing out the image. The recording rate of 27 frames per second creates a smooth natural video.

In the event something goes wrong, a gyro sensor in the DRV-410 will automatically detect the event and separate a portion of memory within the 8GB SD card for viewing later. Additional new-car style safety features will alert you of a possible forward collision or as lane departure begins to occur. This camera is never off duty. It automatically activates and records video when motion is detected near the front of the vehicle, using its own internal battery.

With the DRV-410 there’s much more than just a camera. A high-tech GPS receiver automatically records driving information in the video such as speed, altitude, longitude, latitude and heading. That’s where Kenwood Drive Review comes in. It is a PC application for displaying your stored video, and can be downloaded from Kenwood’s website. When you display your video on a computer, the location is immediately spotted on Google Maps.

Come into Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound and see how the Kenwood DRV-410 proves the dash camera has grown from a toy to become a valuable driving tool.

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