Kicker 43DXA125.2 2 Channel Amplifier

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Kicker 43DXA125.2 2 Channel Amplifier

Kicker 43DXA125.2 2 Channel Amplifier

The Kicker 43DXA125.2 2 channel amplifier is part of Kicker’s highly praised DX series of mobile amps. Kicker engineers set out to create affordable car amplifiers without sacrificing power or features. Let’s run down a checklist with the Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound professionals, and see how they did:

First, you can use the 43DXA125.2 amp to put out up to 60 watts per channel in a 2-channel configuration, or bridge it to get 125 watts mono RMS power. That’s a lot of power from a small footprint, so chalk up one goal achieved.

Then there’s the matter of control. A variable high/low crossover lets you send the sound where it’s supposed to be. The KickEQ bass boost is ready to go. So that checks off the box for control.

How about Kicker features? All DX amps also include built-in FIT (Fail-Safe Integration Technology) circuitry for superior power, clarity and dependability. If you’re using this amp to power subwoofers, you can add the optional remote bass knob for convenience.

It sure looks like all the goals were achieved, making this a real leader for quality and value. When you add a simple system-building design in all the DX series amps, this becomes a real winner.  Hear it in action at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound, and know that when you buy a Kicker 43DXA125.2 2 channel amplifier you will be getting the lowest installed price in town.


More Information
RMS Power 30x2 @ 4 ohm, 60x2 @ 2ohm, 125x1 @ 4ohm
Filters HI, LO or OFF; Variable 50–200Hz @ 12dB/Octave
Frequency Response 10Hz–20kHz
Dimensions L 8-1/8, 21cm, H 2-3/8, 6cm, W 7-3/16, 18cm
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