Heise HE-H16 LED Headlight Conversion Kit

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Heise HE-H16 LED Headlight Conversion Kit

Heise HE-H16  LED Headlight Conversion Kit

The Heise HE-H16 LED Headlight kit is designed for you to replace those weak factory bulbs in your vehicle with bright, low current consuming, led bulbs. Having 18 different models assures you that Heise has the bulb size you need. The stars of the show are the Phillips Luxeon ZES led chips that provide the light that you need on dark nights. Each kit has a pair of 22 watt led bulbs and a pair of “ballasts” that help regulate the voltage to the led lights.

When we think of LEDs we think of efficiency and the lack of current they demand however heat dissipation is sometimes overlooked. LEDs get hot. With the Heise led headlight kits we use a braided heatsink. We use this method instead of a fan for a couple reasons; 1) we can move the braided heatsink around to fit in tight locations and get around any obstructions and 2) no moving parts equals nothing breaking down.

Heise LED headlight kits are a perfect upgrade to any vehicle who want more out of their headlights.



Phillips Luxeon ZES led chipset

ADC12 Aluminum body

6500K color temperature

4000 Lumens

22 watts per bulb (Single beam kits) and 22 watt (Dual beam kits) per bulb

Movable braided heatsink allows bulb to fit into tight places

IP65 rated


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