JL Audio C5-075CT Component Tweeter

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JL Audio C5-075CT

JL Audio C5-075CT Component Tweeter

The JL Audio C5-075CT component tweeter is the solution to many an audiophile’s search for a better soundstage in their vehicle. The balanced sonic response from this ¾-inch tweeter is winning hearts among both customers and sound professionals at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound. Tweeters create the high-frequency pitch, near the highest range audible to humans. They are just as important to the quality of the audio in your car system as are other components, because tweeters enhance the vocal elements and brighten the listening experience. Using component tweeters allows you to focus the sound and achieve a balance that fits your listening wishes and the dynamic of your vehicle. Of all the materials used for diaphragms in car tweeters, silk is a favorite for high quality reproduction. The silk dome diaphragms in the C5 series deliver realistic, non-fatiguing, high-frequency performance, on and off axis. Natural silk has inherently good characteristics as a tweeter diaphragm because it is very light in weight, and it exhibits excellent damping properties, which reduces ringing and resonances in the tweeter’s passband. The result is a smooth, pleasing high-frequency character with no unnatural sibilance or exaggerated brightness. The tiny neodymium magnet and small chassis give you great flexibility when it comes to placing the components. The exclusive JL Audio RSR mounting system permits precise angling after installation so you have the sound centered exactly where you want it. The place to start when building a custom system is your nearest Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound location. Tell the audio experts you want to brighten your life by hearing the JL Audio speakers C5-075CT component tweeters for yourself.

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