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Code Alarm CA6554 Car Alarm Remote Start

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Code Alarm CA6554


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Code Alarm CA6554 Car Alarm Remote Start

The Code Alarm CA6554 car alarm remote start is the perfect add on to any vehicle, and gives you security from a top of the line alarm. This also gives you the convenience of being able to start your vehicle to warm it up or cool it down to a comfortable temperature any time of the day or year with the remote start system.

Car Alarm Security

Your vehicle may come equipped with a factory keyless entry system that will allow you to remotely unlock the doors, but the fact is that vast majority of factory “remote systems” do not come equipped with a full alarm system. Most are simply keyless entry systems with maybe a horn honk only if the door is opened. This can cause a false sense of security, as many consumers believe that their vehicle does have an alarm system, only to find out otherwise once their vehicle is broken into. Don’t let this happen to you! The CA6554 is a full alarm system that will not only lock and unlock your doors but will provide you with the security of a built in shock sensor, to protect the contents inside the vehicle as well as the vehicle itself. This means that if the shock sensor is set off or if the doors are opened while the system is armed the powerful 125dB siren will be triggered. This powerful siren alerts you and others that your vehicle may be being vandalized or attempted to be broken into. Code Alarm has also included a 2-way remote with this system so that you are notified through the remote when your system is triggered. It will show you which zone was triggered IE…car door was opened, shock sensor was triggered etc…this way you know what’s going on with your vehicle in real time when the alarm goes off and you are within range. So even if you are shopping for groceries, or at the kids game, if your alarm is activated the system will send you an alert letting you know, and by which sensor.

Alarm Convenience With Remote Start

We all know how miserable it can be getting into a hot car in the middle of summer or an ice cold car during the winter. Never worry about that again with the Code Alarm CA6554 remote start. With a range of up to 2500 feet, you’ll be able to start your vehicle from the push of a button whether at home or the office. Add this system today and get the peace of mind of a powerful 2-way security system and the luxury of a long range remote start system with Code’s famous LIFE TIME WARRANTY included!

Tech Tip: Many of today’s advanced computerized vehicles require a data integration module for security and remote start installations. Data integration modules allow for proper communication from the alarm/remote start system to the vehicles advanced electrical system. These modules differ from vehicle to vehicle and if required are an additional cost, with added install labor, in addition to main alarm and or remote start unit. If you would like to know if your vehicle needs one of these modules please contact one of our team members or use our “Ask Lui” feature.

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