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Complete Rear View System

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Complete Rear View System

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Complete Rear View System

A backup camera system has gone from a luxury to a must-have necessity for many drivers. The ability to see what (or who) is in the blind spots at the back of any vehicle can literally be a life-saver. Here’s a system that gives you this vital feature but won’t involve going into your dash, and won’t break the bank. MM-4320 Mirror The EchoMaster MM-4320 mirror with built-in monitor replaces virtually any factory mirror and adds a whole new level of safety and confidence to your driving. The mirror contains a 4.3-inch integrated monitor that is large enough to show all the details captured by your camera. Dual video sensing inputs let you integrate more than one camera into your safety package. Auto dimming means you have the best possible image under all lighting conditions. Integrating the monitor with the mirror means you are looking the same place you have always looked while backing; you don’t have to remember to look in the dash or at a separate monitor. CAM-01N Camera The EchoMaster CAM-01N is a CMOS camera that can mount on any vehicle as either front or back protection, providing a 170-degree view when backing or maneuvering in tight corners. It’s sturdy design and IP68 rating mean it’s engineered to handle the elements with ease. You can select mirrored or non-mirrored image, and parking guides are provided.

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