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Directed Electronics 506T Audio Glass Break Sensor

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Directed Electronics 506T Audio Glass Break Sensor


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Directed Electronics 506T Audio Glass Break Sensor

Add an extra layer of security by enhancing your Code Alarm or Viper alarm system with the Viper Directed Electronics 506T audio glass break sensor.  The built in microphone and microprocessor analyzes different audio sounds to detect glass breakage, so whether your glass is broken with a heavy impact or quietly it will be detected. The 506T focuses on the frequency glass breaks at, and this allows it to set off your alarm system when there truly is a broken window, without triggering false alarms. There’s not much worse than going out to your vehicle and finding a window broken and items such as your radio or other valuables missing.  A factory alarm security system gives a false sense of security since most factory systems don’t have shock sensors. Many criminals are, unfortunately, very good at what they do, and can break your window with items such as glass cutters or spark plugs, without creating enough impact to set off the alarm system.  This added piece of security will prevent that and catch the thief off guard.  Don’t be a victim and get caught by surprise.  Get the 506T by Directed Electronics audio glass break sensor today and have peace of mind that your vehicle and possessions are well protected. This is works for Code Alarm and Viper.

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