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Directed Electronics 513T Mini Piezo Siren

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Directed Electronics 513T Mini Piezo Siren


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Directed Electronics 513T Mini Piezo Siren

The Directed Electronics 513T Mini Piezo Siren is a great addition to your vehicle security system, and is compatible with most aftermarket security systems, including Viper and Code Alarm. This mini piezo siren is designed to install inside the vehicle, and emit a loud and, painful siren tone if someone breaks into your vehicle. It can be mounted in a number of places including under the dash, behind the glove box, or under a seat. This makes it difficult to find and the blaring loud siren will make it uncomfortable for a thief to sit in your vehicle for any length of time. With its small size, the 513T doubles as a popular siren choice for motorcycles, off road vehicles, and other specialty applications. It’s small, compact, and delivers a big punch! This Directed Electronics mini Piezo siren can also be combined with other sirens for an even more extreme sound. This is works for Code Alarm and Viper.

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