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Directed Electronics 524N Heavy Duty Door Lock Actuator

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Directed Electronics 524N Heavy Duty Door Lock Actuator

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Directed Electronics 524N Heavy Duty Door Lock Actuator

The Directed Electronics 524N is a heavy duty door lock actuator that works with Code Alarm or Viper, and if your car came without power locks, this gives you the ability to add the convenience of keyless entry to most vehicles, along with the system of your choice. Whether you purchased a vehicle without automatic door locks or one of your factory door lock motors went out, you can simply add this replacement actuator and be able to lock and unlock your vehicle from the push of a button on your factory or aftermarket system, for instance a Viper or Code Alarm. In a world of convenience it’s certainly no fun to have to manually lock and unlock your vehicle, especially when you’re carrying a child, groceries, or simply have your hands full with anything else. Going to the dealer to replace a door lock motor can cost hundreds of dollars for each and every door. The Directed Electronics 524N heavy duty door lock actuator is a much more cost effective solution, and this actuator is heavy duty and versatile. So whether you want to add this to a newer compact vehicle, truck, SUV, or even an old classic, this is the way to go. Call or visit your nearest Audio Express or Quality Auto Sound today to find out the best way to add the 524N in your vehicle. This works with Code Alarm and Viper.

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