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Drivers Safety

Drivers Safety

Drivers Safety

Cars have evolved over the years, especially when it comes to drivers safety products. Vehicles went from having no safety features, to having passive features like seat-belts and airbags that protect only during a collision. Now cars have evolved from passive safety, to active features like backup sensors and cameras, upgraded lighting, lane departure and blind spot warning systems that help drivers actually avoid the crash before it happens.

The most popular, and quite possibly the most important new technology for drivers today is the backup camera. Connected to a variety of viewing screen options, a backup camera is the best way to avoid those blind spot fender benders when backing up, or striking a passerby who can’t be seen. The most common screen used when adding a backup camera is either through an after-market touchscreen car stereo or select factory radio screens. The second most popular backup viewing screen is built into an after-market replacement rear-view mirror. Here at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound, our experienced and very professional installation staff will install your new backup camera with a sleek, factory look in the rear of your vehicle, or if you choose, incorporated into a specially made license plate frame. We can install in-dash, or on-dash monitors, as well as OEM looking rearview mirrors with built in monitors to allow you to view what is behind you simply by looking at your rearview mirror. The backup sensors are mounted to look like they were installed at the factory, flush into your factory bumper for that stock look that everybody wants.

Having quality, adequate lighting is also a very important part of drivers safety. It doesn’t matter if you are on a dark desert highway, high up in the mountains, or in the middle of the city, better lighting and visibility will always help to reduce the chances of an accident. At Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound we offer many lighting upgrades for your vehicle. From “DRLS” (daytime running lights) to light bars, and headlight upgrades, you choose the lighting option(s) that best fits your needs and we’ll do the rest! When it comes to headlight replacement and upgrades, we offer “HID” (High Intensity Discharge) or “LED” (Light Emitting Diode) headlight conversion kits, both DOT approved and both provide much better visibility for nighttime driving. However, the new LED headlight kits are what we recommend the most, they provide you with the best low light solution possible, as well as long bulb life and low voltage draw from your vehicles charging system. Better lighting helps you to see better, which in turn helps you to avoid accidents. Also, others will see you better, helping them to avoid a possible collision with you.

Other new and exciting active drivers safety technology products are becoming available every year. One of those is lane departure and blind spot systems. These new products will help avoid accidentally drifting or merging into another lane and possibly causing an accident by drifting into another vehicle that you didn’t even know was there. Audio Express/Quality Auto Sound also offers forward collision warning systems that help avoid head on collisions. The future really is here, and drivers safety is a huge part of it, because of that Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound is dedicated to being at the forefront of all driver’s safety technology, to keep you and your family, as well as those around you as safe as possible. Come see our specialists, and we’ll be glad to show you what is available for your vehicle today!

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