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Backup Camera

Backup Camera

Backup Camera

backup camera

A backup camera has gone from luxury to standard in many new vehicles. But there’s no need to buy a new car to get the safety and convenience of rearview technology. Audio Express/ Quality Auto Sound has a wide range of options to fit every vehicle and every budget.  The uses for a backup camera are nearly limitless, starting with the ability to see what (or who) is in the blind spots at the back of any vehicle. Anyone who hooks up to a trailer or fifth-wheel will love seeing the hitch while backing. A good sensor system helps for getting into tight parking spaces safely. Savings in dents and scratches alone will repay the investment many times over.

You can choose from a wide selection of cameras, including models that mount on the license plate frame and others designed for flush mounting to keep the factory look. We offer reverse camera options with and without backup guidelines as well as ones with night-vision. Our experienced staff will make certain you have the system that’s right for you, and that it is installed properly in the right location for your needs.

When it comes to the driver’s view, there are many options. The rear image can be routed to an in-dash DVD receiver, a rearview mirror with built-in monitor, or a custom size gooseneck monitor that can be mounted on the dash or anywhere else you choose. There are split-screen viewing options for RV and off-road applications. Your sales representative can lead you through the selections that are right for your vehicle and needs. We’ve been meeting driver’s backup camera needs for years, so we can answer all your questions.

We also have a range of budget-priced rear safety systems featuring sensors with visual and audio alerts. These are ideal if you want to feel confident backing down a driveway or navigating tight parking spots.

Off-roaders and long-haul drivers will find a variety of uses and special applications for a back up camera. You can keep an eye on your load while driving, mount cameras on the sides to check clearance, and even use front-mounted cameras to see what is directly in front of you. Check out all your options at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound.

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