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Echomaster CAM-LP1-N License Plate Backup Camera

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Echomaster CAM-LP1-N License Plate Backup Camera

An EchoMaster CAM-LP1-N backup camera is the first step to more confident driving. EchoMaster makes high-quality, durable backup cameras that have caught the eye of the professional staff at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound. Every driver knows tight spaces and unexpected obstacles can be a recipe for disaster. Parking lots present both moving and stationary hazard that can be hard to see with conventional mirrors. That’s where blind spot cameras earn their reputation for enhanced safety. They can be mounted on a license plate, stealth mounted in trim elements, or flush mounted to capture exactly the angle you want. EchoMaster cameras offer a wide variety of options, but the quality is always visible. With viewing angles up to 170 degrees, many models offer selectable mirror or non-mirror image. CMOS sensors are reliable and require very little power from the vehicle. They will operate in darkness at 0.03 LUX and less. Even more important for a component that has to stand up to weather all year round, they have an IP68 rating for withstanding water and debris. Check out the CAM-LP1-N backup camera at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound.  

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