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Echomaster MM-4320 Rear View Mirror

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Echomaster MM-4320

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Echomaster MM-4320 Rear View Mirror

The EchoMaster MM-4320 mirror with built-in monitor is the perfect step to integrating a safety camera system into your vehicle. These mirrors and the confidence they provide have become very popular with customers at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound. A rear view camera gives you much more information about what is behind you when you are backing up. A properly placed camera eliminates the blind spot on the ground directly behind your vehicle and allows you to judge distances to objects that may block your path. Integrating the monitor with the mirror means you are looking the same place you have always looked while backing; you don’t have to remember to look in the dash or at a separate monitor. This universal replacement mirror has a factory look and contains a big 4.3-inch monitor that is large enough to show you details captured by your camera. Dual video sensing inputs allow you to integrate more than one camera into your safety package. The auto dimming display gives you the best possible image under all lighting conditions. It’s easy to see why the professional staff at Audio Express / Quality Auto Sound is 100 percent in favor of replacement safety mirrors. Drop in today and tell them you want to see the EchoMaster MM-4320 mirror with built-in 4.3-inch monitor.

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