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Escort 9500CI-PRO Radar Detector

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Escort 9500CI-PRO Radar Detector

Not legal in all areas. We will not ship radar detectors to Virginia or Washington DC.


Escort 9500CI-PRO Radar Detector

For those who want the best in radar protection, the Escort Passport 9500CI-Pro is the top of the line when it comes to discreet installed radar detectors. With dual antennas, you can be sure you’re getting the maximum range and protection possible. All radar bands used in the U.S. are covered, including the “POP” radar, as well as laser detection. The Escort 9500CI-PRO comes with twin mounted front laser shifters and a front mounted receiver. There are rear dual shifters available as an additional option for 360 degree laser protection, diffusing the signal while alerting you to the laser threat. (The rear diffusers are sold separately.) This model is completely undetectable to all radar detector “detectors”, so you can drive worry free. The Escort 9500CI-PRO comes pre-loaded with the “Defender Database”, that will alert you to red-light and speed cameras as well as known speed traps throughout North America. Stay up to date by downloading new info, as the database is updated consistently. This product also has a user selectable tone, and crystal clear voice alerts as well as upcoming safety warning alerts. Escort incorporates a patented GPS technology that automatically identifies the source and location of threats and processes them in less than a second. False signals are learned and eliminated allowing the driver to concentrate on the road, making your drive hassle free. Audio Express/Quality Auto Sound has been installing Escort products for decades, and has experience in all types of car radar/laser installs. From Corvettes to Maserati’s, BMW’s to Bentley’s, Porsches, Mercedes, and more, you can trust that our 12 volt technicians will have your car protected!  

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9500 Review by Casandra k
I absolutely love my new protection ! I am in a. Corvette club and this 9500ci pro is the talk of the town ! I will suggest it to everyone I know. Well worth the investment (Posted on 2/22/2017)

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